height sensor

  1. Skyliner33

    Fault Help - Front ride height sensor for headlights

    I have just done a scan and have the following fault. Is it something I can fix myself or is it a visit to a dealer? Thanks Address 55: Headlight Range (J431) Labels:. 6R0-907-357.clb Part No SW: 6R0 907 357 C HW: 6R0 907 357 B Component: AFS-ECU 005 0050 Revision...
  2. Ryan-315

    Self Leveling Height Sensor

    So I'm fitting airride to my t6. It uses 4 height sensors. Rear fitment is quite simple as plush make a kit that is very similar to the brackets that vw use for there height sensors. I want to ask a someone with genuine led headlights and auto leveling if they fancy crawling on the floor and...