heated windcreen

  1. BennyLove

    Heated Windscreen Retrofit - hard to do?

    Hey all, I'm annoyed at myself that I forgot to spec the heated windscreen in my new van. The only thing is, I notice that the windscreen itself has the heating element running through it. Is it a big job for someone to fit the relay and switch on the dash? Or is there a lot more to it than...
  2. neilkelly65

    Have I got a heated screen

    hi all anyone with a heated screen ?can you see the matrix inside glass ? cheers
  3. Reedo

    Help Needed, Unknown Cable?

    When lowering my van the other week me and @Kyle lannerz discovered this cable in the o/s upper strut cavity. I have tried to plug it back in but it is 2 male connections there When plugging the van into Carista it is showing a rain/light sensor fault is it something to do with that?
  4. Adams

    Heated Windscreen Retrofit Finished (nearly!)

    I am 99% complete on my heated screen retrofit, it all functions fine just not quite the way I want. it will work via the separate button setup as most of them are But I want to control it via the climatronic panel over CAN (You can just make it out on this pic) as mine is a T5.1 I have a...
  5. T

    Heated Front Windscreen Connections.

    Hi all, Had my heated front windscreen replaced a few weeks ago and now only the passengers side heating works. Fuse keeps blowing on the drivers side. Have seen the wiring diagram and looked at the connections but newish to the transporter world so not sure if it is connected properly. Can...
  6. J

    Heated Windscreen Highline - Not Working

    Hi, Never had a heated windscreen before, but pretty sure it's not designed to work like this. Can someone confirm that it shouldn't leave a strip of ice. The van is only 2 months old so should be covered by the warranty.
  7. J88arv

    Heated Window Screen Help

    Hi all, I’ve searched and downloaded the fuse layout but to be honest quite confused as to which fuse it could be for my heated screen. Can anybody help as it’s not working at the moment or does it just take sometime to warm up?? I ask as we used to have a ford and the screen was instant thanks
  8. Jey

    How To Increase The Timer for Defrosting Windows?

    Hello, I have a Caravelle T6 from 2016. I'm using it in Lapland during the winter. It's cold, and very cold... :D I need to use the defrosting windshield (I have the option), but the timer is too short for me, I need to push the button too often. Do you know if it's possible to change de...
  9. 9

    Heated Windscreen Failure (half Screen Only)

    Hi, so with the cold weather being here I have used my brand new T6's heated windscreen. However it doesn't work or at least half works. clicked the button and the near side works fine and feels hot, offside is cold to touch and didn't defog or defrost windscreen. Any thoughts or trouble...
  10. Martin Stockwell

    50% Front Heated Windscreen Not Working

    I havnt had the T6 long, so this is the first time I have had a chance to use the front heated screen option as it was a bit misted up this morning. However, in a few seconds I could see a problem, see picture below (taken badly) where only half of it is working. typically the fault is on the...
  11. C

    Heated Windscreen Retrofit

    Hi, has anyone successfully retrofitted a heated windscreen to their t6 , if so could you give me a rough idea of costs involved Many thanks
  12. MrTesco

    Retrofit Heated Windscreen??

    Evening boys n girls , Just walked up o my van and noticed my screen is cracked . Now I just wondering before I get it changed is there a way to retrofit the heated screen option, and if so what sort of price would I be looking at? Cheers in advance.
  13. mopardave

    Heated Front Screen - Is Mine Faulty?

    Tonight for the first time, I tried to use my heated front screen. The windscreen was misted up but the heated front screen had no effect whatsoever! I've consulted the hand book.....and surprise, surprise, it was pretty vague. It just got me thinking.....does it clear mist or for some reason...
  14. S

    Triggering the heated windscreen and wing mirrors remotely.

    I should have never have got this van. Always liked hacking about with stuff but the most expensive thing I've generally messed with is a fridge! Then I got a T6, bad idea. So I have installed a GSM relay into my lesuire electrics. I can trigger 4 different circuits from an app and have 2...
  15. Steve simmonds

    Heated windscreen

    hi has anyone had problems with there heated windscreen ? Only my passenger side works....