1. bullracing

    Retrofit Auto Dimming/rain And Light Sensor Mirror.

    I have this vw style auto dimming mirror with light and rain sensor. Where can I find the part numbers to see if it will be compatible? Does anyone have a picture of theirs without high beam assist?
  2. Spookybear

    [Guide] High Beam Assist - How I Eventually Fettled It :-)

    Hey, Just finished my HBA install. Pretty straightforward in the end so thought I'd post a how-to.. Can I say, I love the look of the Rimless mirror, very posh looking lol Cheers go out to @mmi for the comparison scans to see what changes needed to be made & @Robert Mirror purchased from a...
  3. Spookybear

    High Beam Assist Help From Someone Who Has It - Mirror Part No' & Vcds Scan Req'd

    Hey gang, I want to fit HBA to my Six. Is there anyone out there who has it & wouldnt mind taking a pic of the bottom of the mirror to show me the part number so I can try to track one down. Also if you have VCDS, any chance of a full scan to see what the coding is. I think I have figured out...
  4. L

    High Beam Assistant Retrofit Coding Help?

    Hello fellow T6 drivers! I have try to do HBA retrofit but missing some coding because my car won't do anything automatic to high beams. I have a used mirror with HBA camera and correct wiring for it. I did add FLA ecu to gateway and it shows no faults and status is active but I cannot find...
  5. Adams

    Hba Retrofit

    I finally got around to having my T6 heated windscreen installed with RLHS mount (albeit on a T5.1 but it’s the same in principle) Works like a charm 5557F2F6-A01A-464D-9E69-BF7F4F039ABC by Adams posted 9 Oct 2018 at 22:37 416CCABD-0942-4C62-BCF7-58C43981F9B8 by Adams posted 9 Oct 2018 at 22:37...