1. Depron Donkey

    Vcds The-code Invalid Message

    Got this message while coding H4-H7 dipped beam, any ideas? Went for the “no” option and worked ok, just wondered why the message appeared and did I make the right option?
  2. Ed Webb

    H4 --> H7 journey

    I've recently taken the plunge and done the H4 to H7 upgrade on my van and have decided to document my journey. I'm no writer so please embrace my poor writing skills and hopefully let the photos do the talking. After a call out with work I experienced driving on pitch black unlit roads for the...
  3. Howler

    H4 to H7

    Replaced my standard H4 headlights on my 17 plate kombi highline with genuine H7 headlights from a 17 plate Caravelle. It's literally just plug and play, no warning lights, no VCDS, just swap and go. Does require removing the front bumper but really not as bad as it sounds. IMO the H7's are...