1. D

    Genuine VW Sliding window DRAINS

    I’m looking to find new drains but massively struggling to find the part numbers for both types of drains or a link to order them from. Can somebody please help,
  2. J

    Sold Genuine T6 Lwb Caravelle Rear Quarter Glass

    I have for sale a pair of Genuine Vw Tinted Caravelle LWB Rear quarter glass. Both sides. I bought the full set but only needed the middle section glass and tailgate glass.. Located in the North East. TS20 £100
  3. Loz

    For Sale Full Set Of Rear Glass From A California Beach.

    Accessories For Sale - Glass windows for sale I thought I would cross post this add incase anyone on here is interested.
  4. Cham13

    Where to buy your windows from?

    Where is the best place to buy windows from? There are so many suppliers out there and you clearly get what you pay for, so what are the best suppliers that people have used? I'm particularity interested in a supplier that can supply rear quarter blanker windows that you can't see through...