floor mat

  1. 3crispies

    Wanted Kombi Rear Mat

    2+1 single slider load mat wanted, at moment will have to be posted or something will have to be worked out.
  2. Skyliner33

    Looking For Aluminium Trim For Front Edge Of Floor

    Basically like the strip in this pic. Any ideas especially with links appreciated.
  3. CJ_T6-red

    For Sale T32 Kombi Rear Mat

    Have a T32 Kombi rear mat with cutouts for 2+1 seats and tie downs (tie downs included, seats are not). Has been taken out since new and stored indoors. £100 , no offers. Location Basingstoke. Collection only. 51EECED4-A8A6-4AA2-962A-A3A5EAA23F6B by CJ_T6-red posted 15 Mar 2020 at 12:33

    For Sale Kombi Rear Loading Mat

    Open to sensible offers, £100
  5. D

    Genuine Rubber Cargo Mat Swb

    Im looking for a Genuine (insulated) Rubber Cargo Mat SWB with no cut outs for seats or bulkhead Does anybody know if these are available to order from Volkswagen or TPS and has a part number handy? i'm hearing mixed responses on availability and rang two dealers one said it wasn't on the...
  6. Martin Gibson

    Sold Kombi Items

    Hello,ideal for anyone doing a panel van to kombi conversion. I have the following items for sale. 2 plus 1 rear seats in full red and black leather,unused and stored in the house since retrim costing nearly £1000,all floor brackets,tie down points and bolts. All items from a 2018 twin slider...
  7. Shoes

    T6 Kombi Flooring - Part Number Request

    Hi all, I'm looking for the part number of the rubber rear load liner that is used on kombi vans. I've spoken with TPS but they could only find a 5mm floor. Looking to buy new as we don't want any holes in it as we have a Bebb removable bed system Thank you, Sion
  8. R

    Front Rubber Floor Removal?

    Hi guys, fitting a leisure battery under my drivers seat. Started removing glove box and a few bits . How much do I need to remove to be able to pull the rubber floor back to feed the wires to the rubber grommet and to under the drivers seat? Or is it everything? Both seats out with bases and...
  9. T

    Arguing With My Warranty

    Evening lads /lasses . I’m after some help as I’m desperate now. My flooring in my 2017 kombi has worn totally through to create a hole alongside my clutch. I took it to Vw Birmingham and they won’t replace under the warranty. It’s 2 years old and covered 20,000 miles . I’m awaiting a reply of...
  10. L

    Rubber Floor Mat

    I have finished SilentCoating the walls and roof of my Kombi but am unsure as to whether to Silent Coat under my foam backed rubber floor mat in the rear. If I do - will the trim around the seat floor brackets, the tie down hitches and the step still sit properly? I’d hate to do it only to find...
  11. amdowney

    For Sale T6 Lwb Rubber Floor Mat (panel Van)

    From a 1y old van - few marks and holes but perfect for a work van/bike van etc
  12. Jonathan Tompkins

    Cheap rubber load area floor

    I saw a bike mechanics workshop floor decked out in conveyor belt rubber and thought it might be a cheap way to get a rubber floor for my lwb t6. Then I found this http://rubbermattinguk.co.uk/en/essential_grid/van-load-bed-rubber-matting and this Products – Rubber Matting | Cheap Rubber...