floor mat

  1. dinks66

    Best sound insulation for underneath rear factory load mat

    As mentioned in the post, what would be the best stuff to stick onto my load area floor so that the factory rubber mat will still fit on top of afterwards. I have lined all the rest of the rear with 2mm Silent coat and Dodo mat foil backed foam roll ( about 6mm I think) but I fear that this...
  2. B

    Where can I source a cargo-area rubber floor mat?

    VW Kombi rubber flooring. (single seat behind driver) HELP! Does anyone know where I can get a new rubber flooring as I have ruined my one and need a new one to send back for my lease when it comes to an end.
  3. Jonathan Tompkins

    Cheap rubber load area floor

    I saw a bike mechanics workshop floor decked out in conveyor belt rubber and thought it might be a cheap way to get a rubber floor for my lwb t6. Then I found this http://rubbermattinguk.co.uk/en/essential_grid/van-load-bed-rubber-matting and this Products – Rubber Matting | Cheap Rubber...