1. D

    Can anyone identify this engine EA888 Gen3 or 3b?

    Looking at a 2016 TSI. Trying to determine if the engine is a EA888 gen 3 or 3b. Is it possible to identify with these images?
  2. D

    which output to get

    Hi all member for a while but this is my first post , I am about to order a new t6.1 but unsure of which engine to go for a 150 brake or 110 I am a dry cleaner making stop start journeys all the time . I have a 110 brake 2010 t5 at the min but would like something a bit quicker but I have heard...
  3. P

    150PS engine installed in 102PS van

    Long, story short I’ve had to replace the engine in my T6 102 highline as the old engine killed itself (44k miles, and out of warranty). Anyway, I sourced a new engine a very low mileage CXG model and my mechanic has just fitted it. I made a slight mistake though, as it turns out the new engine...
  4. S

    Noisey T6 Engine - squeaking

    I have a 67 plate 23k mile's 102 bhp and it got a squeaking sound coming from the os of engine when running, sound loud when outside van and can hear inside. Sounds from cam cover side, does anyone has anyone an idea what it can be or similar experience?
  5. E

    how I can check the injector amount by vcds?

    Hi all for VW t6 2016 as engin code CXHA how I can check the injector amount by vcds .be course when read live data by vcds 19.6.1it give me for 3injectors but in vw t5 when check the injector in vw 2010 to 2015 but in 2016 I can't finde it note all vw t5 from 2009 to 2015 is Uds and in vw t6 uds
  6. Yetibeard

    Flashing Coolant Light

    coolant, my coolant light intermittently flashes red. Coolant level looks ok when cold, but low when up to temp. When I leave it to cool and unscrew the cap the level fills back up! Temp gauge works ok and temp remains stable. What are the common faults? I still have VW warranty until...
  7. D

    Cracked Cylinder Head

    Hi Guys Thought i'd mention a recent issue. 2016 caravelle Bi turbo 20K miles, and loss of some coolant. The warranty was up in 2 months so my ex-VW mechanic friend plugged it in and went over it with a fine tooth comb, listed all of the fault codes and called his mate in VW, booked it in and...
  8. bmw222000

    T6 Turbo

    I've been having a bit of a argument with a lad from work regarding my t6 turbo! Mines faulty and it's getting replaced now he seems to think a t5 turbo will be exactly the same as mine and there only £300 to buy brand new I've told him the t5 came in a 1.9 and 2.5 from what I understand so how...
  9. Tourershine

    T6 Wouldn't Start

    I've had a dig around, but couldn't find anything that was similar. I've just got home after 2 weeks away in my Motorhome. The first thing I tend to do, is check all the vehicles that have been sat for a few weeks. Low and behold the van wouldn't start. I had the exact same last time I went...
  10. A

    Engine Number Location

    Dear friends, I have a T6 kombi 110 KW TDI (CXFA engine code) and I need to find the engine number location. I heard that it is located on the front part of the cylinder block just below the cylinder head, but I could not find it. Your kind help would be highly appreciated.
  11. Andy Power

    Service And A Possible Problem ‘hydraulic Tappets’

    booked my T6 in for its first major service next week - they told me it will cost £375 inc parts and labour. I get a tapping sound when i start the vehicle from cold- someone on this foru said they had a unilateral thing and it was the tappers in which his garage fixed. I mentioned to my garage...
  12. Johnathan R

    losing coolant!!!!

    hi guys, just looking for some advice as my dealer isn't filling me with much confidence. I'm having an ongoing coolant loss issue with my 204 dsg T6. it started when I took it in explained I had topped it up 2 weeks prior which wasn't alarming then it happed again. They booked it in did a...
  13. mmi

    Recall - Crankcase breather hose

    Reference id: 2 1 G 6 Selected T6's based on build date. Breather hose from crankcase to turbocharger air intake will be replaced with a new one which has a redesigned heating element. Possible ice buildup in the hose when intake air is very cold. Ice sucked into turbocharger might cause...
  14. Sump plug

    3 week old T6 faulty!

    Hi all Can anyone advise please, we picked our brand new T6 up from the dealer three weeks ago, it had 17 miles on the clock, on the way home some 7 miles the engine hesitated, at first I thought it was me fluffing the throttle or something. Over the next couple of days the engine kept...
  15. AndyAK66

    Tick over noise

    Hi can anyone help, had my T6 204 DSG just under a year, having had 3 transporters before I am so dissapointed with this one, loads of problems with the dealership being next to useless, my main gripe being an intermittent noise on tick over, it sounds like an old fashioned water pump going...

    Safety issue- Engine dies when changing gear.

    I've started this thread because it seems to be a different issue to one already posted, where the engine dies at low speed. Just had the biggest scare of my life- going down a steep'ish hill, with a 90 degree bend at the bottom. Doing about 35mph in 4th gear. I started to change down to 3rd...
  17. rmo69

    I want my T5 back - update

    So I promised an update regarding my previous post which detailed my woes with my T32 EURO VI Since that post: DPF warning light has come on a further three times. The engine management light has come on today for the third time. AdBlue injector and control unit both replaced MPG fluctuates...
  18. Twoguns

    Multiple Engine Management Faults

    Is anyone else having multiple engine management faults? I've had the van for five months now since new and have had four alarms now. First one was end of December which the dealer said they could't find anything wrong so cleared the alarm. Next alarm was end of January, this time AA guy...
  19. Montecha

    Bluemotion Engine Idle Speed

    i had a quick scan, and don't think this has been covered before. What's the idle speed like on your Bluemotions ? Mine seems all over the place, up at 1400 rpm, down at 900 rpm. Increases when you are slowing down ? Not had the Bluemotion before is this normal, or another snag for the dealer...