1. A2dczealous

    How to retrofit a reversing camper Video

    Hi all, I have started a YouTube channel of How To Tutorial. This is a reversing camera install on a VW T6 2016 Transporter with an aftermarket head unit. It’s the tailgate model however the wiring is the same in any vehicle. hope it’s of some use.
  2. Josh Corps

    Windows Going Down

    For a few days now I've been coming out to my van and my windows are down. I thought I'd just been leaning on the key or something so though nothing of it. last night I made a point of locking the van and putting the key on the side and checking the windows were still up but they went down...
  3. Dellmassive

    T6 T6 Heated Seats circuit diagrams 2019-12-02

    T6 Heated Seats Circuit
  4. Dr Ian Coleman

    T6 Camper Conversion Electrics

    Hello Fellow T6'ers!! I'm am almost at the stage in my conversion where I need to consider details within the electrical install. Being a complete novice, can anyone direct me to any good DIY guides, posts, YouTube vids, etc... Thanks in advance! Ian
  5. czmate1999

    300w Solar And Camper Electric Set-up

    Hi All, Just talking through my electrical requirements for the conversion and what i would like is, - 300w solar panel - 160ah (at least) battery - Mains hook-up - for the leisure battery to be able to charge from the solar, mains or when the car is running - the car stereo to be able to run...
  6. czmate1999

    Electrics... Vw Factory Second Battery Or Install With Conversion...

    Hi All, Am now on to electrical spec and any thoughts would be welcome... have been advised today to go for a VW factory fit second battery with all appropriate wiring already in place for charging the leisure battery once van battery is charged. Was told the advantages were that there isn't...
  7. M

    Auxiliary Lights

    Hello, I have a 2018 T6 whit LED headlight's and is planing to mount a 52" LED bar on the roof rack. So the question is where do I find either a +12v or a -0v high beam signal to tap in to to control the relay for the bar? Ps. The English might not be the best, but bear with a Norwegian....
  8. Loz

    T6 Control unit locations Cabin pt1 2017-11-15

    Control module location Cabin area with connection information
  9. Loz

    T6 Module locations front 2017-11-15

    Locations of modules in the front of the vehicle including connection information.