1. Urbanfox

    VW Transporter Electric

    This guy is about to take delivery of a VW T Electric. will be interesting how he gets on has a sparky traveling job to job.
  2. joe_j_barnes

    Future Of Diesel Engines.

    Hi All, I have a 2017 DSG 204 TDI SWB eu6 I have bought to convert and will be starting next year, and plan to keep it until for good after spending some considerable amount of £s With all the hype on emissions I can’t help but think in 10 years or so would it be worthless and unusable for...
  3. Sabre

    Electric Van Is Coming

    ABT readies modified VW e-Transporter for Geneva Motor Show | 1 | Auto Express It's coming.... What do you think about the range? Obviously as a show van for some, the mod capability is the same, but what about the campers? How will the weight affect the range?