1. V

    For Sale (eBay) Discount Vango Awnings

    Hello! We are My Tent or Yours based in Liverpool and this is our first post on the forum! We work with Vango reselling their sample stock awnings and have a variety of models and sizes in stock at the minute. Most of the items have been used in photo shoots so have only been put up once and...
  2. I

    Which option to attach a Drive-away Awning — C-rail or Fiamma awning rail?

    Looking for some advice - I’ve got a dual slider van with a Fiamma F40 awning on the driver side and I’ve just bought a Kela V drive-away awning. I’m wondering if it would be better to attach a c-rail to the passenger side of the van and use that to attach the Kela V or if it would be better to...
  3. Davenjo

    Sold Vango Kela 3 Low Awning

    We seem to be collecting tents and awnings so have decided to sell our Vango Kela 3. We have had it around 2 years but tend to only take it when we stay for longer than 3 or 4 days, consequently, it has probably only been up for around a total of 20 days. The awning has never been used...
  4. Leigh

    Sold Vango Kela III AirBeam Awning

    Used once in Dry weather so in Perfect Condition. Have replaced with a Vango Gali as family members want to come camp with us! £350 ono Also have the Vango Footprint & Vango Carpet to suit which is available separately.