1. Dogs Dung

    What weight can I tow with T30 Kombi?

    Hi what is the Max weight I can tow with T30 6.1 Kombi? mainly Car Trandporter work ta
  2. kn0bby

    Towing without B+E entitlement.

    Would ideally like to downplate my T30 to a T26 or lower. This is for towing reasons. I only need to tow a 925kg gross weight trailer. My license restricts me to 3500kgs total gross. Any experience anyone?
  3. S

    Kombi Van And Vat Is A Caravelle Conversion Ok

    hi guys Was looking at a lwb Kombi high I line 4 motion dsg 204 but reading about the vat exclusion has put me off Thinking of going down the buying as above but a twin slider door van and going to converters to line it etc with Caravelle rails and extra seats ? Any one know what they...
  4. P

    SV Tech For Downplating / Uprating Van GVW

    Out of curiosity I took my Hillside Birchover to the local weighbridge fully loaded with camping gear, some grub, two bikes on the rack and with my average-build lad as a passenger. The van is only an 84ps T26 and whilst the individual axle weights were well under limits, at 2520kg the overall...