domestic gas hob

  1. Nickdaw

    Sold Dometic Cooker sink pod

    Selling this as we have just got a slidepod. we use to just lift it out into the awning to use as we don't have a poptop so not enough room really. It comes with all you see, waste and fresh water tubs, it has a USB charging point just plug a 12v power into it and all is good. £400 ono in VGC is...
  2. Heath1984

    Cooker gas leak

    Hi all Has anyone had an issue with gas leaking from a can fl hob after installing. I must admit the pipe doesn’t fit anywhere near snug to the can pipe so even tightening the jubilee probably isn’t sealing it properly. I’m now wondering whether I’m missing a fitting? Help is appreciated Thanks
  3. M

    Slimline Combination Sink/Hob

    Hi, I'm looking at the various options for a slimline combination unit, does anyone recognise this unit, I've checked a few websites (Dometic etc) and can't find the model, it's similar to Dometic-Smev 9722
  4. j4ckal

    Connecting Gas Supply To Dometic Hob, Which Type Of Fitting?

    Just after a little advice, about to connect the gas up to my Dometic 9122 hob. I'd assumed it would just be an 8mm fitting but it's different (looks slightly bigger dia, different thread pitch and the sealing faces wouldn't suit the standard copper olive I believe). The hob has come out of a...