1. Y

    Kenwood firmware update failed, now stuck in a loop.... [Resolved]

    So I've just attempted to update my Kenwood DNX9190 firmware. I have done this successfully previously when I first installed the unit. This time the update starts as expected but then tells me the USB connection has been lost and to re-insert the USB. I pull the USB out and re-insert. Now...
  2. bar933

    T5.1 headunit cutting out

    We recently replaced a Kenwood headunit in a VWT5.1 with a Kenwood DNX9190DABS headunit, it was fitted with all the correct canubus and has been working fine, however recently the headunit keeps shutting down approx every 8 minutes and we have no idea. Has anybody else had this issue? Does the...
  3. osman

    kenwood dnx 9190 dabs

    Hi just a warning to anyone considering buying one of these.. mines been in for "repair" due to dust contaminating under the touch screen.. its been cleaned (in the process they have damaged the paint on the tiny screws holding it together. and sent it back with still a few particles of dust...
  4. Y

    Kenwood DNX9190DABS user experience?

    I currently have a Pioneer AVIC F980DAB. Satnav has to be the slowest starting sat nav I've ever experienced and sound quality is just OK, nothing more. (I have upgraded speakers and an amplifier). I'm going to install Absolut5's 'Signature' set up but am considering upgrading the headunit to...
  5. G

    kenwood DNX9190DABS

    I'm looking for a good deal on the kenwood dnx9190 has anyone seen any bargains? its to be fitted to my t6 caravelle executive many thanks
  6. osman

    Kenwood Head Unit DNX9190dabs dust under screen

    Hi, I’ve only had this unit a few months, it came highly recommended, and comes with a high price tag !! Just look at the touch screen, after such a short time of owning it, this is dust... underneath the screen, or rather inside it, and once noticed, you see it constantly .. a serious design...
  7. Absolut5

    Kenwood Dmx 8019 And Dnx9190dabs No1 Choice

    The headunits in the title are proving to be the most popular choice for owners They both have the following features- Wireless Apple CarPlay/android auto Dab Bluetooth Twin usb Reverse camera input Optional Kenwood dash camera ready Factory parking sensor ready The DNX 9190dabs also has-...
  8. Absolut5

    All your Audio needs and more... AbsoluT5

    https://absolut5.co.uk/ https://www.t6forum.com/threads/review-absolut5-audio.21632/ Absolut5 only use the best tried and tested products out there for your pride and joy.. We only supply Pro Fit Facias for the T5.1 and T6, the best finish and fit, we have been using these for over 4 years...