1. C

    Lost sound on Kenwood 9180 sat nav

    Hi, I cannot get the sound on the sat nav, it was fine before and in set up menu it’s on. Can anyone help?
  2. X

    Kenwood Dnx9180dabs .... Or Similar

    Hi I am increasing frustrated by the poor sound quality of my Discover Media satellite navigation system in the Caravelle and I was wondering about upgrade options for a fully functioning HU that will run all the VW functions. Apart from the above Kenwood model are there any others or is this...
  3. Absolut5

    Audio Upgrades

    Just a reminder We have been installing Audio upgrades since the T4 day’s We only supply specialist brands to give you the very best performance and reliability, From headunit, speaker upgrades to fully amp setups. All headunit and speakers supplied by us are designed for easy diy plug and...
  4. kn0bby

    Kenwood Dnx9180dabs - Reviews Please..

    Just tried to program my reversing camera into my VW head unit and its not supplied (yes I should have read the advert!) Thinking about a Kenwood DNX9180DABS, I'll be using with an iPhone.. Any thoughts?
  5. O

    Kenwood Dnx8180dabs And Dnx9180dabs

    Hello, Does anybody have any experience of the following Kenwood Sat-Navs, DNX8180dabs and DNX9180dabs, I have searched forum and online, but cannot find much in the way of reviews. There’s a few reviews on YouTube, but alas I don’t have access to a fast enough internet connection just now to...