1. M

    DNX518VDABS steering remote control

    Should the remote controls interface for the DNX518VDABS be able to control the modes like the OEM radio, I can't change between DAB, phone etc like the OEM did?
  2. Mike Dean

    DNX518VDABS Replacement.

    I purchased a DNX518VDABS as i was advise it had wireless carplay.... After installing it doesn't! :oops: Hopefully my VW dealer will take it back... Either way i need to replace it as wireless carplay is a must have for me and has been from day one of the van project. Looks like Kenwood...
  3. Phil S

    Faulty Kenwood DNX518VDABS

    I have read with interest the diversity of problems in the threads. Before the conversion of my T6 the company doing the conversion took it to VW for the Kenwood upgrade. I have now taken delivery (14 weeks and delighted) All seems to be but while I can hear callers they cannot hear me. VW of...
  4. SNACK

    For Sale Brand New - Kenwood DNX518VDABS - £849 with free shipping

    Just listed a Kenwood DNX518VDABS head unit: http://ebay.us/2FqWyz?cmpnId=5338273189 Would rather sell directly to a T6 Forum member, so I'm happy to cover the shipping cost for this item. Will be sent insured of course. VW T6 7" AV Navigation System with DAB+ Smartphone Control & Bluetooth -...
  5. Absolut5

    All your Audio needs and more... AbsoluT5

    https://absolut5.co.uk/ Absolut5 only use the best tried and tested products out there for your pride and joy.. We only supply Pro Fit Facias for the T5.1 and T6, the best finish and fit, we have been using these for over 4 years and always in stock Our wiring harnesses all have CanBus...