1. bullracing

    What extras do I need to fit Kenwood 516? [Resolved]

    I have a Kenwood DNX516DABS coming from a member on here. I need to source some cables but I cannot seem to find exact part numbers for kenwood to vw t6. It comes with the standard Kenwood wiring so what do I need to get it to plug into the van? I have a 3 button basic dab stereo at the moment...
  2. M

    Sold Kenwood DNX516DABS

    Just replaced my Kenwood DNX516DABS in my van, so it's for sale. Comes with SatNav aerial and cable to connect 2 USB's but no other leads as I reused them. Couple of scratches on the screen - £50 - collection from Derby Cheers!
  3. M

    Dash USB Not working (aftermarket H/U)

    Just plugged my phone into the dash usb socket to charge it and it’s not working. The van has a Kenwood DNX516 stereo with 2 USB leads in the glovebox, so I assume that the dash usb doesn’t work due to the aftermarket unit? Will something like this reinstate it? Thanks
  4. T


    I replaced the VW OEM head unit about two years ago, in part to connect a reversing camera to my Startline T6 LWB 2017. What a bad decision! Its interface design is hopeless, the phone speech quality is unintelligible and the screen is useless in modest sunlight. This is meant as a helpful...
  5. D

    DNX516dabs satnav firmware update

    I have searched the forum for info on this but no joy. Im trying to update the firmware for my maps. I have followed all the download instructions to the letter …. i think. When I insert the USB stick into the system it recognises the USB but says "no media" rather than starting the download...
  6. S

    New Kenwood Dnx516dabs Sat Parking Sensors Small Display

    Hi, I'm new to this forum thing so apologises if its not very well worded. I have has this unit fitted all seams good except for the Parking Sensor Display is very small and appears in the bottom right corner of the screen, it works though! I've looked looked at the settings and I think I can...
  7. 9

    [Guide] Reversing Camera OEM Cable Routing

    Hi, Currently installing a pioneer ND-BC8 reversing camera to my T6 Transporter, Looking for advise on picking up a reversing feed in the cab area Regards Jon
  8. Twoguns

    New Kenwood DNX516DABS Sat Nav, Any Good?

    Just had a call from my conversion company telling me a slot has come up for next week due to somebody's van being delayed so I've jumped at the chance as it was booked for July due to their long waiting list. My one concern with the build is the Sat Nav they have suggested, the new Kenwood...