dcc suspension lowering b14

  1. Jezma

    OEM Shock Absorbers on back order!

    Hi guys, Maybe some new/useful information to some of you :) Spoke to my local dealership today about acquiring replacement front shocks and apparently there is close to no stock UK (OSF) and in the case of NSF no stock UK/EU :eek: They apparently have NSF on back order but without indication...
  2. JimVee

    Sold Bilstein B14’s front and rear shocks

    Taken the B14’s off my 2016 Gen 6 Caravelle prior to selling the bus. all the bits in the pics, no leaks but usual wear and tear. the sensors are the Dynamic Chassis Control cancel kit and fool the vehicle into thinking the DCC is still fitted (thanks Oli) came off when Bognor Motors removed...
  3. G

    B14s California Beach

    Morning all - can anyone tell me what chassis the T6 California would be built on so I know what coilovers I need? I think the Beach is based on a T30 but not 100% sure! do you need to have adaptive cruise recalibrated after lowering? Also, I’d there something I read about LED headlights...
  4. T6180

    New Bilstein B16 For Dynamic Chassis Control

    All Just seen these pop up the Transporter HQ Instagram page
  5. DC.

    Has anyone removed DCC to get lower suspension? Thoughts??

    So I've got DCC and I would like to go lower on my suspension. I appreciate I can have a 50mm spring drop and DCC is fine (all be it the warranty wouldn't be).... but I would like to go lower!! Has anyone removed DCC from their van in order to get more lows? How did you find it??? I can't help...