1. Andyf

    Remap - Custom Vans?

    Hi Has anybody used Custom Vans remap Good or bad used or heard about them Any info welcome Thanks Andy ;)
  2. C

    Big brakes fitted by CustomVanz

    Hi Firstly to correct a mistake, I went to Customvanz to get my big brakes fitted (not Vanworks) see photo. What a fantastic service, I left to get some money from the ATM and when I came back the whole job was done, missed my chance to take any photos of the process. Apparently they have done...
  3. Ads_Essex

    Rear diffuser

    What are people's views on these rear diffusers as opposed to full-on replacement bumpers? I'm liking the subtleness.. .. but can't justify the £650 odd it'll cost. Are there cheaper alternatives out there? Thoughts?
  4. Twoguns

    Custom Vanz Rear Spoiler

    Hi guys and girls, as requested by some fellow members I thought I would start a new thread with a few pictures of the Custom Vanz Rear Spoiler to give you yet again another choice to spend your hard earned monies on.