1. Chriswhit

    CustomVanz Raceline T6.1

  2. Abx

    Raceline/CustomVanz T6.1 splitter?

    Does anyone know where they get these from, they are asking £300 + Vat where most of this style are £150 tops, could go with the Vanstyle one but prefer this as its more simple. Not keen or Leighton as think its a rip off (my genuine Carbon M3 parts cost less than this) and not convinced on ABT...
  3. Ads_Essex

    Rear diffuser

    What are people's views on these rear diffusers as opposed to full-on replacement bumpers? I'm liking the subtleness.. .. but can't justify the £650 odd it'll cost. Are there cheaper alternatives out there? Thoughts?
  4. Twoguns

    Custom Vanz Rear Spoiler

    Hi guys and girls, as requested by some fellow members I thought I would start a new thread with a few pictures of the Custom Vanz Rear Spoiler to give you yet again another choice to spend your hard earned monies on.
  5. HHO

    CustomVanz / Raceline

    Just back from Custom Vanz - front splitter day. Really pleased :thumbsup:
  6. Chriswhit

    Remap by CustomVanz

    Anyone had any remapping done and who by . My 180 had been mapped from new by custom vanz and is a claimed 245 bhp . Got it booked on a dyno today to see what the actual power output and torque figures will be , should be interesting !!!