1. I

    VW T6.1 Dashboard buttons

    I have a question regarding dashboard buttons. I have aa VW T6.1 Multivan Highline adapted for wheelchair user, because I'm in wheelchair. I have 2 buttons that i need to add to the dashboard preferably. One is for the inverter used for wheelchair charger and the second button is for the...
  2. D

    Distinctive Dubs formerly Crafted Automotive Ltd Hi I’m Alan and I manage Crafted Automotive Ltd along side my good friend Gully I’m sure some of you will have seen and heard bits about who we are and what we do so I figured I should do a introduction of sorts We are a...
  3. Captain Backfire

    Van Haven - Dorset

    I purchased my new T6 TSi through Van Haven in Sturminster Newton - Dorset. I can't emphasise enough just how happy I was to do business with them. Below is an extract of my review I left on their Facebook page... Having been to many other Transporter dealers, including some of the other well...