1. MikeMc88

    Which cable to run from Leisure Battery to fuse box in rear cupboard?

    I am looking to put my fuse box in the rear cupboard and need to know which size cable to use? to run from battery under driver seat to cupboards at the rear of the van. Will a fused 6mm cable be enough?
  2. Ads_Essex

    Cupboard lighting with sensor..?

    Has anyone got any recommendations for in-cupboard lighting with motion / light sensors? I’m currently looking at LED domes with remote sensors, so each cupboard can have its own switch. Amazon / eBay / Ali Express obviously all advertise various sets but I’m keen on some feedback before...
  3. W

    Sodding Tambour Doors!

    Frustration time. We've loaded up our camper and had a day trip out. On our return ALL 3 of the horizontally tambour doors have been lodged shut with "stuff" wedged inside them. One I've managed to open, and can see that the door cassette when open leaves a lovely 3" gap for various items to...
  4. Tartanfairy

    Tambour Door Traumas / Solutions?

    Hi All, Hoping I could pick the brains of those that may have experienced this issue before and (hopefully) come up with a workable solution. We planned and received our new conversion back in May, complete with side units with tambour (roller) doors on all cupboards. We've now been using it...
  5. Ads_Essex

    Push To Open / Latch Fittings

    I’ve had a quick search but didn’t find anything, other than the sale post by @superchargedpolo - Has anyone got any recommendations for Push To Open / Push To Latch fittings for campervan doors and drawers? We are going for the no-handle finish. I’m concerned magnets may not hold when...