child seat rear

  1. swd80

    For Sale Britax King II LS kid’s car seats

    We have two of these seats for sale. Both in Cosmos Black. We had them from new but our kids have outgrown them now. They are suitable for 9 months to 4 years, or 9 - 18 kg in weight. What's good about these seats are Britax were the only manufacturer who has tested their seats in rear facing...
  2. Y

    I want to learn about Multivan rear passengers safety and airbag standards for rear passengers

    I plan to buy a new Multivan with high line specs. I have three kids aged under 5 years , so safety is a big concern for me. Has the Multivan enough security for rear passengers with good standard of airbags, what do you think ? thanks
  3. 7

    Child Seats For Rear

    Hi Everyone, New member here...I'm Picking up my T6 2019 in Bamboo Green this week. I've got it with a rock and roll bed in the rear and I'm looking for Child Seats for a 3 year old and a 5 year old. I've not got ISOFIX unfortunately so would need to be fixed with the integrated belts. Does...
  4. swd80

    Child Seat On Rear-facing Caravelle Seat

    Does anyone have experience of putting a child-seat on a rear-facing middle-row captain's seat in a Caravelle? We are considering this car but would need to have the seat facing backwards so that we could access the rear seats - with the middle seat facing forward and a child seat fitted, we...