1. Sabre

    Hire Around Beds Buck Herts

    A colleague saw my van last week and has started looking into getting one but wants to hire a camper first. Aside from Camper King, Cambridge campers and further south, Bognor, which I've already pointed him to, can anyone recommend a try before you buy or a good T6 hire operation?
  2. algled

    T6 Bluebell - Kombi To Multivan/camper

    @t6bluebell on instagram bluebell (@t6bluebell) • Instagram photos and videos I thought it was about time I put together a thread on my T6 journey from buying a kombi to converting and enjoying a bus that meets our various needs as a family. Words and pictures to follow...
  3. DubiousEngineering

    A Video "shout-out" To The T6forum - Thanks For Your Help With My Campervan Build!!

    4:45 Min in to this video - I just wanted to say thanks to the forum... You guys are great and the forum is so very helpful! Thank you all!
  4. Sabre

  5. czmate1999

    Converter Reviews

    Thought it might be useful to build up some detail on the more established campervan conversion companies to both help me and potentially others. Firstly I will be upfront and say while I have ordered my van (T32 LWB) I have not yet established which converter or converters I want to use...
  6. czmate1999

    Camper Conversion - 1 Converter Or Choose The ?best? From Different Suppliers

    Hi All, Another thread I'm afraid, but hopefully others may find it useful. Up until now I have been looking at individual camper converters to do my conversion. I have looked at the likes of Exploria, New Wave, CMC, VW-T, Van-worx, etc. but now i am wondering if it would be worth choosing...
  7. czmate1999

    Kombi Or Panel Van For Conversion?

    Hi All, Have been to a few more dealers and now confused as to whether to get a panel or Kombi van... ultimately only £2k-ish difference but is there any advantage to the kombi? I am looking at having a full conversion to include usual elements and a high-level of thermal / sound insulation...