1. czmate1999

    Impressive Camper/Motorhome builds

    Browsing YouTube came across this sucker, The Last Resort. thats one hell of an electrical system!
  2. Roberts

    T6 LWB Indium Grey - MTB Camper Build Thread

    Long time lurker but I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a T6 LWB from Salop Vans. They were great, very flexible and worked with me on what I wanted. I could not recommend them enough. Van is now a perfect base for what I want. Externally complete and internally very clean ready for...
  3. C

    LWB - Which Conversion?

    Hi everyone - brand new so apologies if any of these have been answered somewhere already. I've just sold my first VW Camper - a very cheap SWB conversion on a T5.1. Basically decided that we love it and having had our big trip cancelled this summer thought now is the time to sell and get the...
  4. M

    20" wheels on a camper - rubbing?

    Hi I’m new to this forum, I’ve got a t6 t28 with full camper conversion and I’m looking at new alloys for it. I like the look of 20” wheels but I’ve been reading though all the posts about the wheels rubbing, wrong size tyres etc. Can anyone give me an honest answer if 20” wheels will rub the...
  5. IestynD

    My T5.1 Kombi - build thread.

    I thought it was time I updated this thread, I'll reference this thread in a number of other forum sections, for example the recommend a business one and maybe later the suspension one. So, if you have stumbled upon this from another a link... welcome, wherever I’ve put a link I’ve started that...
  6. LIKEAT6

    New Van Owner Must See Guide!

    Hi all I have been recording some beginners guides to owning my very first T6 camper . Please feel free to have a look at the below .. hopefully you will get some good insights to some products and buying a new van and what to expect . Check out Like a T6 on YouTube
  7. Rapt0rUK

    T6 Lwb T32 150ps Or 204ps?

    Hi folks, Newbie here but we're finally getting close to pulling the trigger on our base van for a camper conversion. We've got our eyes on a couple of options and planning to get out to see them this weekend. One question, I was after some thoughts on...150 vs 204... There seems to be...
  8. andy greenwood

    B14's On A Full Camper Conversion With 20" Alloys

    Has anyone got any pictures of their fully converted camper with 20" wheels and B14's ( b14's set to the minimum drop though). Im still debating buying some B14's but im curious what they look like on the minimum drop.
  9. czmate1999

    300w Solar And Camper Electric Set-up

    Hi All, Just talking through my electrical requirements for the conversion and what i would like is, - 300w solar panel - 160ah (at least) battery - Mains hook-up - for the leisure battery to be able to charge from the solar, mains or when the car is running - the car stereo to be able to run...
  10. C


    Hi everyone, sorry if this has already been done. Just purchased T6 converted Campervan and was looking for advise for ground levelling, wife keeps waking up dizzy ;).
  11. MRFU510N

    T6 Camper Inurance?

    Hello more experienced T6 enthusiasts. I am in the initial stages of buying a 2017 T6 Highline, and converting myself. I thought I would try and save myself some time and ask you who the best insurers are for a fully converted T6 camper. The first quote I received was from a company called...
  12. A

    Pop Top Or Not..

    Hallo, I'm currently planning a T6 panel van to camper conversion and haven't been able to work out if I 'need' a Pop Top or not. I'm a short guy and don't envisage standing up in the van other than to cook and to change. I don't need the extra sleeping space as there are only two of us using...
  13. Leigh

    Sold T6 Highline Dsg 150 Hightop Camper - Open To Offers

    VW Transporter Highline, 150 DSG, High Top, Kombi - Starlight Blue Metallic Full Proffesional Conversion by Universal Customs Used for 2 weekends to camp in so is absolutely immaculate - has only covered 2250 Miles (Two Thousand, not Twenty) We factory ordered this van in the spec we wanted...
  14. andy greenwood

    B14's Question

    I am looking at getting some B14's fitted as I would like to cure the rear end sag i currently have in our camper. At the moment have some H&R 40mm springs, am I correct in thinking that the B14's are a complete kit with the springs etc..all included ? I presume my H&R's will no longer be...
  15. robbiebrown34

    Best Camping Stores?

    Hi All Pickup our new VW Camper in a couple of weeks and I wondered if anybody had any recommendations around the Midlands/North West where we could go and purchase any supplies we're going to need? (Cutlery, Porta-Potty, table, chairs etc?) We've been to a few but never found one that sells...
  16. dennismo

    Another 'kombi To Day Van' Thread...

    Exciting times... I'm finally pushing on with the process of getting my Kombi ready for using as a 'day van' in the summer... It's already insulated and lined (by Leighton Vans) but I'm yet to do other bits. The next step is heading down to 'Forty Winks' tomorrow, to have a Kombi Bed fitted...
  17. Keaney

    Tv What To Do About The Speakers??

    hey so van is going in for a camper conversion shortly and to fit a Tv in the back. Currently there’s no speakers in the rear and I’m getting a bed on rails so wondering what I should do. Think my options are: 1. Do nothing and rely on the tv speakers 2. Wire in rear speakers and have them...
  18. czmate1999

    Show Us Your Non-standard T6 Seat Installs

    ...seats... I have factory fitted swivels coming with my van but saw a lovely pair front seats the other week, similar to the below. What are the popular choices on here?
  19. czmate1999

    Converter Reviews

    Thought it might be useful to build up some detail on the more established campervan conversion companies to both help me and potentially others. Firstly I will be upfront and say while I have ordered my van (T32 LWB) I have not yet established which converter or converters I want to use...
  20. czmate1999

    Camper Conversion - 1 Converter Or Choose The ?best? From Different Suppliers

    Hi All, Another thread I'm afraid, but hopefully others may find it useful. Up until now I have been looking at individual camper converters to do my conversion. I have looked at the likes of Exploria, New Wave, CMC, VW-T, Van-worx, etc. but now i am wondering if it would be worth choosing...