1. S

    3D Print Ideas.

    Hi All, I don't know about you but shoving the straps into the canvas never fit well with me. I've seen loads of these pop top spool holders online which looked good, I classify myself as a maker so decided to make them myself. For anyone who has a 3d printer I've made the file available...
  2. Apretext

    Sold T30 Edition Kombi Campervan 150 Manual

    So, the time has come to sell my lovely van, to fund some house projects. Will probably be staying with VW and getting a caddy for a while. So... The listing: 2018 T30 Edition Campervan (5 seats, 4/5 berth) - £43,980 inc VAT – (£36,650 + VAT) I am sure you all know what an edition is, it's a...
  3. B

    Made this rear bed/shelf system

    For anyone looking for ideas i thought i'd share my homemade bed/shelf. All in it cost me about £70 in materials. I wanted to make something that was Removable with no permanant fixings or holes yet fixed to the floor Fairly cheap to make Was tight to the edges of the van as to not loose stuff...
  4. S

    rear end wobble

    Hello Guys, My t6 seems to be wiggling its rear end when it hits a pothole, man hole cover. I have just had the 4 wheel alignment done (all though im not sure its been done correctly) and all though its better its still not right. van is a full camper on solows, all springs look ok, none broken...
  5. S

    19” Tyre Recommendations

    Will these be ok on a T30 - 275/40/19 - 9 offset?
  6. Jeaniewigs

    Here’s my Camper. What's it worth?

    I still don’t like it,never managed to get someone to fit the step either so still struggle with a lift in and out step on the rare occasions I have to go in it. What’s the likelihood we can sell this without getting too hammered on the original cost.we bought it end of may 2023 for £26500...
  7. cgtmiles

    Ultimate campervan suspension?

  8. Chris Sherwood

    Sold Campervan Fresh Water Tank

    Now sold I have a fresh water tank which I removed from the bottom of my camper wardrobe when I put a water tank under the van. It is approximately 45cm X 16cm across and 26cm high. It has a filler, overflow, vent, outlet, access hole fitted and the old submersible pump is still in it. I am...
  9. T

    Rear interior light absent

    Hey all, hopefully this hasn't been discussed already? I have a 2020 T6.1 T32 camper conversion which is great however there is no rear interior courtesy light. When I open the front or side sliding door the front interior light comes on but as its in the front it doesn't give enough light into...
  10. SefSemillia

    Suspension upgrade on 2015 T6 FWD 140PS Camper

    I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while to get some more insights especially on suspension and suspension upgrades. But since I couldn’t find the answer to my exact ”issue” I made an account, to be able to post a thread and get some input from all the knowledgeable people around here...
  11. A

    Transporter or Multivan conversion?

    Hi All! I would really appreciate some guidance on which van would be best suited and mose cost effective. I can get either a: 2016 T6, 340tdi SWB Multivan with 100,000 klms on it for $33,500 Or a: 2017 T6, 340tdi SWB Transporter with 100,000 klms on it for $27,500 (it has roof racks already...
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  13. Camper.jpeg


  14. C

    Shower head for Dometic Sink

    Quick question.... can you get a shower head for a Dometic sink, preferably with a longer pipe. I want to try and use a single pump for both the sink and a shower head, so was wondering if you can get a shower head for a Dometic sink which I can then thread through the side window to use...
  15. J

    Modular work van/camper

    Finally decided to adapt the work van into a dual purpose van ! Still used as a work van so had to try come up with something that could swap roles quickly and not too difficult. First off was the power unit, basically a box containing everything, battery, consumer unit, 240 hookup, inverter...
  16. Alan Ginger

    Taking The Oven and Gas Hob Out

    i Have had my van conversion a couple of years now and it is great. My wife and I ( sometimes I am solo ) go away once a month all year round. We have a few sites that we now visit regularly. We never wild camp. We always have electric hook up. I have taken my gas bottle around with me since I...
  17. D

    Should I replace VW T6 (T28) rear Springs with T30 Springs... Benefits?

    NEWBIE HERE... Can I upgrade my rear springs on my T6 T28 panel van (65 plate), bearing in mind that I've just fitted a towbar, and I will be adding furniture soon into the rear (as part of its conversion into a campervan). Just 2 adults and the dog will travel in it, but I suspect the van will...
  18. M

    Interior spotlight comes on by itself

    Hi, I’m a newbie to this forum and also to my T6 only had for about 8 weeks so hoping someone can help me. Noticed just this weekend the interior light above the sliding door has been coming on by itself. Stays on for a while then switches off, but it has happened overnight while parked in the...
  19. I

    is a night-heater and Solar an expensive addition?

    Hi being new I think I've found the campervan that's suits me how ever I'd like to have a night heater and solar panel fitted are these expensive to have fitted.
  20. R

    Why isn't there...?

    Having had a T5.1 camper for a few years we are in the position of looking a buying a new bus for the family. Maybe we are strange, but ideally we would like windows all the way round, a sliding 3 sester rib bed and units that are the same height from front to back. Finding this setup available...