1. D

    Bumper swap: Highline for Startline.

    Hello... I've just bought an ascot grey highline but want the black bumpers of a startline. Anyone interested in a swap or anyone selling any startline bumpers. It's for a tailgate. I live in London but am collecting the van from Preston so lots of options for a meeting place Thanks. Quote Reply
  2. KernowMark

    Front bumper vendor

    Hi all, I am after a new candy white front bumper for my T6 (16 plate). Can anyone recommend any websites or companies please. Cheers Mark
  3. Thomas Hopkins

    Startline to Highline bumper upgrade

    Hi all, I know this topic has been mentioned before but was wondering if any more info has come about regarding he replacement, I have a 2016 startline in white with standard non colour coded black one piece front bumper and would like to convert to a colour coded highline front bumper, does...