1. andy greenwood

    Wanted Highline Front Bumper

    Hi , im on the lookout for a highline front bumper. Colour not important as i'll get it resprayed. I currently have a startline front bumper which i want to remove and change to a highline
  2. tifflepops

    Wanted Startline Front Bumper

    as title anyone got one in or around Leeds/West Yorkshire. Cheers Tiff
  3. osman

    Any Advice On Repairing (slightly) Cracked Bumper

    Hi I opened up an old crack (previously repaired I guess by the last owner) by just touching a post whilst reversing (honest!) anyhow just in case anyone has had to repair a similar kind of crack in a rear bumper I was wondering how to go about it.. I see the kits in Halfords etc but was...
  4. H

    Found T6 Highline Bumper

    Just wondering if anyone has a t6 high line bumper for a tailgate in indium grey, with PDC for sale? cheers
  5. K

    Painting My Bumpers

    Some serious sanding but its getting there
  6. RyanGerry

    Sportline Bumper Removal

    Is there a link to the removal of the front bumper with a genuine sportline splitter fitted, I've looked everywhere but can only find standard bumper videos?
  7. Sabre

    Travelin Lite Front Bumper Vw Logo

    Hi, Has anyone else had the travelin lite bumper package as an upgrade from the startline? Reason for asking is how did you apply the VW logo? I have the little black disk that's supposed to go on there but it won't stay and the logo from the original bumper falls off. Without the black disk it...
  8. Sabre

    Any Ideas For Startline Bumper Set?

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do with the Startline bumpers I've just replaced? Put them online but no sniffs, presume the T6 isn't old enough for the commercial crowd to need replacements. So, anyone got any suggestions. Don't really want to simply them in the tip but that's...
  9. Sabre

    Inside The Startline Bumper??

    A question for all those that have swapped their front Startline bummpers... I am in the process of fitting mine as I type but having removed the old bumper, there were three screws on the underside that fit onto a piece of the inside of the old bumper. I cant see how that comes off or where it...
  10. Sabre

    Leave D Pillar Covers Off?

    Is it ok to leave these off whilst they are being painted? I'm told they are not sealed so there shouldn't be any issue...
  11. Sabre

    It's Arrived....

    And I hate you all! :D Before joining this forum I was going to be happy with having my Startline bumpers colour-coded... This is waaaaaay cooler tho! :inlove: Now to talk to the painters... Can't get to my front door at the mo tho.
  12. Sabre

    Changing Bumpers- How Did You Deal With The D-pillar Panels?

    Hi all. I'm still trying to work out how to move on my startline bumper colour change. Easier option - go back to converter to colour code bumpers (smooth, prime, paint, bake) Or Buy a TL highline bumper, get it sprayed and fit myself with the advantage of being able to do the lights too...
  13. L

    Front Bumper/splitter

    Hi all, What’s the best looking bumper/splitter combo? There’s so many out there. Pics would be great to help me choose! I’ve a T6 kombi 204ps in Black. Cheers.
  14. Gingercoastie

    Sold Front Bumper

    Blackberry front bumper from highline. Done 7000 miles. £400. Buyer to arrange a courier if not local.
  15. Dan

    T6 front upper grille removal help

    Hi, has anyone any ideas, information detailed drawings or video on how to remove the T6 front upper grille ? I recently purchased the sport/carra T6 grille from a company and asked them to fit it for me along with several other upgrades. All work was completed except for the grille change. I...
  16. Mrpowwow

    Sold Caravelle front Bumper

    Hi Guys Ok bit of a long story, wanted to replace my from bumper to mod it, purchased one from eBay, never heard a dickie beard from the guy after paying for it, so raised a dispute and purchased another bumper as i need it for a booked in body shop date. So sods law dictates the day before the...