1. Niccus69

    How To Find The Right Front Lights Connection

    Hi everybody. Can anyone tell me the correct electrical connection of the front lights of this connector, or which wire corresponds to the bulb. Thank you.
  2. fezza68

    Osram Nightbreaker Lazer

    Hi all,has anyone tried these in the thq v2 headlights yet?.
  3. Bluey

    Changing Running Light Bulb T6 T32 Lwb

    Help please. My n/s running light bulb has blown! Referred to VW manual. Removed cover etc., but it seems impossible to get the actual bulb out. Removed the black plastic holder & was expecting the bulb etc to come out with it - no such luck I am afraid. Attached 2 photos showing o/s working &...
  4. Jongall


    im sure this has been covered before but can’t find it for some reason. Anyone got a list of the bulbs I need for the h7 headlights. Looking to upgrade the drl bulbs. Thanks in advance
  5. I

    Led Bulbs

    Being very disappointed with the poor lighting given out by the standard reversing lights I am looking to replace the reversing bulbs with high power LED versions. Can anyone recommend reliable high Lumens Canbus error free bulbs
  6. Vince

    Change Orange Daylight Running Bulb

    Does anyone know what bulbs work when changing the daylight orange bulb..? I bought these off ebay and they didn't work.. OSRAM LED P21W 382 BA15s 7456CW-02B Bayonet Cool White 6000K Exterior Bulb Twin OSRAM LED P21w 382 Ba15s 7456cw-02b Bayonet Cool White 6000k Exterior Bulb Twin | eBay Is...
  7. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Front Fog Light Bulbs

    Unused bulbs, well I never turned them on! I have upgraded to the LED ones. £10 - inclusive of postage Thanks, Ant
  8. Tomahawk chop

    Bulb change Transporter t6

    Hi all Sought to revisit this subject as I know it's in a thread somewhere but just wanted to check... I have a 2106 t6 and wanted to change bulbs in main beam , drls but can't get my stubby hands in Am I right in thinking the only way to do this is to loosen the headlamp unit by removing the...
  9. B

    Who is happy or unhappy with the standard H4 headlights?

    Just thought this might give us a gauge to see if there is any real weight to the issue of the poor H4 headlights. What do you guys think? Comment and vote if you feel strongly.
  10. T6 Forum

    Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types

    Pauly submitted a new resource: Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types - Listing of all lamp types for current T6 lineup including Kombi, California, Caravelle & Gen 6 Read more about this resource...
  11. Pauly

    Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types 21/08/2016

    Full list of all lamp types as fitted to current range of Volkswagen Transporter T6 Panel Vans, Kombi, California, Caravelle & Generation 6 Window Vans (two tone) Click the download button to save a copy of this to your computer
  12. Pauly

    T6 Bulbs & Lamps

    I want to put together some fact sheets for members reference and the first one is listing all lamp types on T6 vehicles I have all the lamp types from my kombi with standard lighting but would like to hear from Cali/caravelle/posh LED people *post updated* This list has now been compiled and...