build dates delivery

  1. Steve Hales

    T6.1 Delivery Update

    Ordered my new T6.1 at the beginning of January (10th I believe) and it was built the week before the VW factory closure. Had a update last week saying it was at the uk port and today I’ve had another update saying it’s still there. I suspected this would be the case due to the Coronavirus...
  2. BognorMotors

    T6 Order Book Closed

    This happened today. No warning. Apparently details will be out soon on ordering T6.1
  3. WheelsOnFire92

    Lead Times (ordering May 2018)

    Hi everyone, I've seen some discussions relating to delays in building late last year, and wondered what people's experiences were now, 4-5 months on. I'm ordering through a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) converter and Motability, here in the UK. It will be a cherry red VW T6 Shuttle SE...
  4. G

    Delivery build schedules

    I read how long the early T6 orders took (long wait is an under statement) How are things now? I ordered 21 Sept and told week 2 build date. Are members finding early Sept orders have now been made or any extended build dates? The wait is tormenting me!!!