1. S

    Help finding 18" Matt Bronze alloys

    I've been on the lookout for some 18" Matt Bronze alloys for my 2017 T28. I like the Riviera RV197 but for some reason they are only available in 20" for that colour. Also found the VMR 802 but only in the USA. I'm struggling to find some that aren't 20" that I like. Open to any suggestions...
  2. T6180

    SwamperLow - Yes or No

    Swamper 17" Fuel Zephyr alloys running non-swamper Goodyear 225/55/17s tyres This look is like marmite, you either like it or hate it!....personally I'm liking it and comfort wise, it's so good!
  3. Tourershine

    Sold As new 20" wheels and tyres

    I have a mint set of Riviera RF108 wheels in 20x10 ET30 all round. These are in a stunning Bronze Double dark tint, which is one of the nicest colours i've seen. They really pop in the sun and give off a very obscure Green tinge that has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate. They are fitted...
  4. LeightonVans

    LV-1 20" Staggered Alloys (Leighton Parts)

    Our LV-1 20" staggered wheels are the perfect addition to any VW Transporter, they are available in two sizes and three finishes. We can also supply with tyres. View them on our website here. Finishes available (with links to website): - Gloss Black. - Matte Bronze. - Matte Grey/Machined Face...
  5. T

    Bola B12

    Thinking of these or 1 form edition 1 in bronze in 19" anyone seen or have pics of these on a swb T6. On B14s and wound down. My searches have come up with zero pics. Both have correct load ratings and good e.t.
  6. 308mate

    Any One Gone Bronze Yet?!

    Is Anyone Running Bronze Wheels On An Acapulco Blue Van? If so, can you put some pics up? I want to see if it works.
  7. Jamielad83

    New Owner .... Finally.

    Firstly, can I thank each and every one of you that have taken the time to respond to my many PM’s. Your knowledge and information at the start of this journey has been greatly appreciated..… if not somewhat damaging to the wallet. After many months of ups and downs I can finally say I'm a T6...
  8. RyanGerry

    Axe EX30 colour..

    So I’m due to pick up my white edition in October and I after months of searching finally found the wheels I want but can’t decide on the shade? Would love some feedback to help me decide