1. Farnorthsurfer

    Body Builder Guidelines

    Just went to the VW Body Builder database to research my T6 for the interior furniture to find that they have updated it to the T6.1 data. I can't access the T6 data as it wants a log in. Thought this was in forum downloads but cant seem to find it anywhere, does anyone have the 'old' data saved?
  2. P

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Hi All First time posting so be gentle..... I own a T6 Transporter, 1968CC. The manufacture year is 2017, some nice person decided to smash my N/S wing mirror and im trying to buy the parts rather than pay the well over priced parts from the dealership.. I have managed to find someone that...
  3. patbarn


    Hi All. In 48 hours I'm going to order a SWB Kombi 204TSi DSG in Bamboo Green. Simple Question open for discussion: TAILGATE or BARNDOORS?