1. J

    Westdubs pop top fabric options

    I'm just about to push the button and order a westdubs pop top roof and I'm leaning towards the premium (Sauleda) fabric. I'm considering yellow or red, but not sure if these allow too much light through. Could anyone shed any light (puntastic) on this issue? I'll go black or dark grey if it...
  2. a5cyt

    Cab divider solution

    does anyone know if its still possible to fit cab divider curtains in a t6 with a sunroof, and not drill through anything in the roofspace ??
  3. M

    Black Curtains - where do you buy?

    I’m after black blackout curtains and rails/fitting. Doesn’t seem to be such a thing that I can find. Anyone have any fitted and suggest where have them for sale. Preferably pre moulded to fit but generally just decent well fitted blackout curtains. Cheers
  4. bullracing

    UK Custom Covers Internal Blinds - Avoid

    Poor quality internal blinds from UK Custom Covers, I do not recommend. My friend recommended them to me last year and the quality was amazing so I purchased a set. The ones I got were slightly lower quality material then his but still ok. After 6 months and 5 uses one of the front poppers...
  5. DubiousEngineering

    Custom Covers - Internal Screen Cover

    What are your thoughts on magnetic cab blackout blinds? ... Someone said that in the winter it’s still worth having the outside wrap for extra insulation... These are super simple to install, magnetically clip in place and four poppers to fit. Anyway, these were sent to me for free and they...
  6. DubiousEngineering

    How To Fit Blackout Blinds - Video

    As always, dont do as I do... the video is not perfect, but these blinds work well.
  7. Brae

    Recommended blackout curtains ?

    Hi all Finally ready to purchase some blackout curtains for both my side sliding windows . Who's got what ? I've looked at van-x,veedub and vanstyle I can hardly tell the difference between them all... Any recommendations appreciated Cheers