bilstein b6

  1. Alexzeat

    B6 Komfort kit - loud bangs over potholes

    Hi to all. Last october i updated to Bilstein B6 Komfort + Eibach + 35mm. I have noticed that when driving through a rough hole inside the cabin I hear a loud bang. Has anyone had the same? Thanks in advance
  2. kiter

    Sold Brand New Bilstein B6 For T32

    Due to change of plans, set of still in the boxes bilstein b6's up for sale. Please note that these are for T32 models only. Get some pics up later. Looking for £400 and that will include post (uk only)
  3. S

    Bilstein B8/b6 Combo, Or B8s All Round...

    I have a T5.1, currently on standard springs all round. Because I often have up to 400kg in the back I'm about to fit a pair of sportline springs at the front to help level out the van, so it is rarely lower at the back than the front. I also need new dampers at the rear, so thought it would be...