bike carrier

  1. R

    For Sale Atera STRADA DL 4 bike carrier (UK lights)

    Atera STRADA DL 4 bike carrier (UK lights) for sale. £325 It has not been used very much and always stored inside so in very good condition (see photos). Keys (plus spares) included. Collection only please (Portsmouth, PO4) Thanks Rob
  2. R

    Fiamma bike carrier - barn-door to tailgate fitment!

    Hi All, has anyone ever tried to fit a barn door fiamma bike carrier to tailgate? Reason I ask is I have a t5 atm with barn doors but a t6.1 on order wondering if the barn door will work as a temporary solution on the t6.1 when it finally arrives?
  3. S

    Sold Thule WanderWay 2-bike carrier VW T6

    Asking for £275. I have had this Thule WanderWay 2-bike carrier about 2 years. Excellent condition and stored in the garage during winter. Product Code: 911001. I had this on my Kombi T6. 2 locking keys, 2 locking arms, Thule tool to lock onto van. I can show you how to fit/use if you...
  4. F

    Halfords Towbar Mounted Bike Racks

    Hi folks, It may be my poor searching ability on here, but can't see an answer to this question; has anyone fitted a tilting 'Advanced' Halfords towbar mounted bike rack on a T6 with barn doors, could you open the doors with it fitted, and was it any good please...
  5. D

    Sold Bike Rack - Diament Pro-User SG2 Plus Tilting Bike Carrier

    Selling my brand new, unused Diament Pro-User SG2 Plus 2-bike towbar bike carrier. £350 - will consider offers. Collection HU15 1JQ. Design tilts accommodating the T6 Tailgate. Great design, good reviews. Opted for the tailgate carrier so this is just gathering dust! Original receipt from Euro...
  6. VanDamMan

    For Sale Thule ProRide 598 …x 2 ……£75 each

    For sale 2 x Thule 598…. excellent condition… including instructions and keys….£75 each collection or next meet…
  7. slocumjoseph

    FREE Witter two bike tow ball carrier.

    I have a Witter two bike towball carrier I need to be rid of. I live in London and would happily give it to a forum member willing to pick it up for a drink.
  8. Sackmycook

    Sold Oem VW tailgate cycle carrier and upgraded struts

    I'm switching to a towbar mounted system as the wife's e-bike is a pain to lift ! This is an OEM VW tailgate bike rack with the usual minor wear and tear from being permanently left on. Everything works, currently configured for 2 bikes and I have the other 2 wheel holders but not the arms. I'll...
  9. Paynewright

    For Sale Witter zx408 towbar 4xbike carrier

    As per title witter tow bar mounted, bolt on 4 bike carrier. Max weight 60kg. Labeled as a ZX408 which I think equates to the ZX204 in the current range. It does drop down but not enough to open the barn doors. I have a recollection one of wheel straps was broken and replaced with a pedal toe...
  10. F

    Loud beeping when indicating with towbar bike carrier

    I just got myself a new tow bar and bike carrier on my 2019 T6 highline. Is there anyway of disabling the super loud beeping noise when indicating or at least reducing the volume? I guess it is a reminder if you got a trailer attached but does it have to be so loud!!
  11. RichDavies82

    Sold Genuine VW Bike Carrier - Tailgate

    I have a genuine VW tailgate bike rack for sale. Good, used condition with locks. I can only find three arms (the outer three). There is a broken clip but doesn’t affect the stability. I can take to Camper Jam this weekend if it helps otherwise, collection from Nottingham. Damage and missing arm...
  12. D

    For Sale Buzzrack ‘buzzwing 3 ‘ towbar mounted folding 3 bike rack £100

    For sale my lockable buzzrack 3 bike rack, includes lighting board and key. Please note the titling mechanism doesn’t work (think it needs a new bolt washer and nut). This video gives you the idea Collection from Lincolnshire
  13. octaneJ

    Wanted Bike rack T6 tailgate (not electric)

    3/4 bike rack needed.
  14. O

    Towbar bike rack that allows tailgate to open fully

    Hi I am looking for some advise on tow bar bike racks for 4 bikes. My T6 has a tailgate and wanting a rack which tilts so we can open the tailgate. I have seen the Witter ZX204/ ZX304 but does anyone know if this tilts enough to open the tailgate. The bike rack will only be for occasional use...
  15. huw169

    Most expensive clothes drying rack!

    Lol. I’m sure I’m not alone.
  16. T

    Bike rack arm removal

    Hi Guys, I’ve tried searching but can’t find how to remove the arms on a genuine VW cycle carrier? The knobs unscrew but don’t open the jaws wide enough on the clamps and it stops turning before opening. I’d like to remove the arms, dismantle and lube to see if I can fix. Failing that I’ll have...
  17. bytejunkie

    Barn Doors or Tailgate for bikes?

    I've got a T6 with Barn doors on the back. I've also got a growing family and we want to be able to take all of our bikes away with us. so 4 bikes. Am i being daft considering a Tailgate conversion so that the body mounted bike racks are an option? we;ve got a 3 bike rack on the tow ball and as...
  18. S

    Sold Black Genuine T6 Bike Rack

    OEM rack recently professionally powder coated matt black. Been used once since (my MTB has really fat tyres which don’t fit the tracks properly!) comes with everything it left the factory with, instructions, wrench tool & spare keys. Stands me around £700 so would like most of my money back...
  19. C

    Will a T6 Cycle Rack fit the T6.1?

    Hi Everyone. I have just bought a 2021 T6.1 Campervan and want to fit a black Genuine VW4 cycle carrier to the tailgate. I have been told they only make the genuine VW rack in silver. I really would like a genuine VW rack and wondered if the black T6 rack will fit a T6.1? Has anyone fitted a T6...
  20. moodsterT6

    Mounting recovery boards to bike rack

    Made up some simple brackets to secure my recovery boards to the bike rack: I’ll still use a tie down to secure them but at least having the locking fittings it should slow the thieves down a little. Thule THUL5 526010...