1. Tsixty

    Main battery charging issue

    This time of year I've always been in the habit of sticking both our vehicles on a battery charger every 6 weeks or so as we do a lot of short journeys and very few long runs, that's been even more the case this year. I've used my trusty Ctek MXS10 for this purpose many years running. I like to...
  2. Sim73

    New Battery - Sales Code. Correct type?

    I have a Moll battery and I am thinking about replacing (out of warranty) to have peace of mind. Euro Car Parts has a Sales, which ends in a week. They are offering the Varta AGM 15 for £285 instead of £475. A couple of questions please... is this a good price? And also is this a good...
  3. Mupp3tt

    Do I have the factory Uprated Alternator Battery combo?

    Hi Guys, I have a dead Battery, and on investigation, it is a 68kWh battery. I Had a larger alternator installed from factory when the split charge and leisure battery was installed. And I had thought the main battery should have been larger from the offset? Any help @Dellmassive, I know your...
  4. AussieMick

    Battery disconnect question

    Hi , when dropping the diesel fuel tank of a T6 transporter should i disconnect the starter battery first, and is the infotainment unit coded like older radios used to be , so you had to enter a code or the radio wouldnt work.
  5. L

    Leisure Battery Vs Electric Hook-up Vs Both

    Hi Guys, I am about to have a Leisure battery in and the quote comes with electric hook-up. It's quite an expensive quote and I am wondering as it is just a day van without cooker etc. Do I actually need an electric hook up should the leisure battery not suffice? I am interested in your...
  6. T

    DSG query - Electrical implications and warranty - Help.. I hate asking for help. haha

    Hi, Hope alls swell(tering) for everyone :) (MY17 150TDBMT Exec Velle) I have been spending time at educating myself as to how a dsg works. Something i find a little vague in other parts of the WWW is to do with how the electrical system may impact the working of the gear slector/mechatronic...
  7. C

    T6 Cali hook up charger ok for Gel batteries?

    Does anyone know the spec of the factory fitted leisure battery charger (max voltage) and if it is suitable for Gel batteries (i.e. no higher than 14.4v I think)? Are Gel any better than AGm for low power draw but longer (i.e. a fridge)?
  8. N

    How many batteries do i have .

    I have a 69 plate Caravelle Executive 150bhp,and after reading a couple of post regarding battery problems other members are having.Can someone tell me how many batteries i have on my van.I though I only have one, but after reading post and speaking to friends I'm not sure.
  9. B

    What do the numbers on a battery mean

    Hi all I don’t know anything about batteries. I need to run the phone charger, music and lighting for c two / three days wild camping off grid. I've had a look and can see my main battery and leisure battery are both AGM Varta 7 po 915 105 a 12v 75ah 420 What the heck does all that mean. Is...
  10. Lowlec

    trickle charging starter battery & Psu modification

    having not used The van for 3 weeks,and only use it on weekends Or every other in normal times!..the starter battery was down to 11.8v so I decided on utilising my fixed solar panel on my pop top as a permanent fit & forgot solution to maintain the starter battery,I also wanted to utilise this...
  11. Catagonia

    Help with undermounted battery / water tank

    Hello Folks, Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has fitted undermounted battery trays / boxes on their T6s? I'm midway through converting my 4motion SWB T6; I ideally wanted an undermounted fresh water tank, but there really doesnt seem to be much choice. At the moment I've got a...
  12. Phil_G

    All these flat batteries :-)

    So many identical threads.... poor old Dellmassive must be worn out ;) Heres a cheap option for all those asking "what panel should I buy?" - eighteen quid delivered from the UK is a bargain. Comes with leads & croc clips. Its small enough to sit outside on the screen or inside on the dash, &...
  13. Mocko1962

    Starter Battery Discharge

    Van stands idle most of time on drive and standing load is depleting battery volts ... falling as low as 11.8V after couple of weeks forcing me to put the mains battery charger on for a day to get volts back up to near 13. There's nothing switched ON in the van so the parasitic load of .. BCM ...
  14. R

    Main Fuse

    If you for some reason connected the battery terminals incorrectly ( don’t ask how just yet !! ) What fuse is going to blow? Will it do any other damage 2018 T6 dual clutch
  15. Pete C

    Battery charger lead

    I want to add a permanent battery charger lead to my starter battery. The problem is that there are no threads left to attach it to the usual place due to my towbar installation (see picture). i thought about using the clamp bolt thread behind it, but I can’t work out what thread it is - it’s...
  16. V

    Flat Main Battery Sanity Check

    Another Battery Thread Yay... After reading many threads include @Dellmassive Battery Chargers How I did it. Since the battery is dead (just enough to sound the alarm) I plan on getting this NOCO 10 amp charger to fully charge and then maintain this charge by plugging it in every few days...
  17. hoggle

    Charging starter and leisure batteries via solar panel.

    Hi All, I was experiencing that my starter battery was going flat due to not being used during this lock down. So, with help from @Dellmassive. He suggested that i bought a 50w solar panel and to connect it to one of the 12v sockets in the dashboard. I also bought 2 x BM2 battery monitors and...
  18. J

    Trouble turning over

    Hi all I have had an ongoing issue with my van struggling to turn over, this all started towards the end of last year when I went on holiday for 2 weeks. When I returned I started the van and although it started it struggled turning over, I didn't think a lot of it as the van had been stood...
  19. cowlsy

    Dead Battery - Wont start on jump leads!

    Probably like most of us the trusty camper had been laying idle in the drive for the last couple of weeks. (3 weeks in my case). to be honest I have been living in on the drive and it has been connected up to the mains through the CTEK charger and leisure battery system. The side door has been...
  20. D

    Recommended starter battery?

    Recommendations for starter battery and supplier for a T6 Euro5 with stop start? Also running a Lithium leisure with Sterling DC DC charger and solar controller. Existing is a Varta 68Ah 380A. Do I need an AGM for stop start? Should I upgrade Ah? Also any easy way to trickle charge starter...