awning poles

  1. S

    Passenger door hits wind-out awning

    Hi all, about to fix my wind out awning but where ever I position it the passenger door hit the awning bars. Is this normal and you just don't use the passenger door when the awnings out or am I doing something wrong?
  2. vegt

    Awning poles that attach to van?

    I saw this lovely van over on The way the awning poles attach to the van (rather than to the floor) looks pretty convenient. Does anyone know what this is called? I’d like to learn more about it.
  3. richwill

    Air or poled awnings?

    Hi all, we are looking for some advice on awnings, We caravaned for years but air beams were not a thing back then. what do you guys recommend, air beams or poles?
  4. Skyliner33

    Sold Kiravans railsail plus accessories.

    Looking to go a change of direction. Need to sell this to get something like a Vango awning. So my Kiravans railsail is for sale. Used 3 times, it looks like new. Also included are 4 poles and guy lines and pegs. As shown in the photo below: £190 £180 £160 ono excluding postage. I am...
  5. S

    Awning Pole Recommendations

    Any recommendations for awning poles? Ones to avoid?