auto leveling

  1. J

    Part number for level sensor

    Managed to snap the level sensor for my factory t6 leds. Rear has anyone got a part number / price.
  2. W

    Autoranging Light Sensors

    Anyone know where the sensors are and what they look like ? My lights are too high.
  3. E

    Led Headlights Not Fully Dipping

    Noticed oncoming traffic having issues with headlamps on ‘17 plate t6. Doesn’t seem to be dipping fully on passenger side any ideas, things to check before I endeavour to communicate with Vw ? Thanks in advance.
  4. L

    LED Headlight shadow / dark line?

    Hello all, For those of you with LED headlights - has anyone noticed a thin shadowline when on full beam? I can see a thin line between where the dipped and full beam lights join that effectively casts a very thin shadow ( or i suppose doesnt actually illuminate that bit to be accurate!). I'll...
  5. Skyliner33

    Ooops Wire Pulled Out Of Sensor - Help Needed Pls.

    I was working under the van and noticed this: I believe it is the level sensor to do with the LED lights. VW said its quite common, the parts are really cheap, but they want between 1 and 2 hours to fit (@ £135 plus per hour.) I asked them which wires connected to which pins but they would...
  6. Keaney

    LED Headlight Adjustment

    hoping someone can help, my vans on air and at a low cruising height if I’m stuck in traffic and pull forward it flicks the headlights up and pretty much flashes the car in front. Also found driving around it’s going up and down all the time. Found quite a bit information about adjusting them...
  7. F

    LED self-levelling help!

    I have the LED lights on my T6. I've not driven much at night but last night drover down to the Alps. I discovered that the self levelling has levelled my lights to somewhere about tree height. Literally, gturning full beam on illuminates the tops of the tress but doesn't change the road...