auto headlights adjust

  1. T

    Auto headlight issues

    Iv recently installed the auto headlight module to my t5.1, battery went flat this afternoon and when I open the door it beeps as if Iv left the lights on. Any ideas what the problem is? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks in Advance
  2. AshM

    T6.1 self levelling headlights with air ride

    Hi all. Wondering if you can help. Recently had my transporter with accuair elevel+ fitted Now it's getting dark early I noticed the beam is so low I'm having to use full beam most of the time. I've only drove it around 3 times in pitch black and straight away I thought this can't be for real...
  3. M

    T6 Full LED Auto lights on - THRESHOLD

    Hi all, I know I have read about the LED's low beam waking up too soon from DRL somewhere, but I haven't found a solution. So here I am :-) After almost one year with my lovely T6 Caravelle, I still think the low-beam lights start pretty early. I know that in VCDS under Lights they can be set...
  4. marty NCL

    Auto light sensitivity

    Hello all. Has anyone else had the minor annoyance of auto lights being indecisive? I often find that minor changes to light, even just cloud cover, when driving in conditions that I would consider still very bright, will cause the auto headlights to switch to dipped beam. Is there a value...
  5. B

    Auto Headlight switch vendor?

    Hi I couldn’t really find any links from reading a few other threads but does anybody know of any decent aftermarket auto headlight switches than can be swapped for my Standard headlight switch on 2014 t6. I’ve fitted one before on my caddy that came with the sensor, really easy to do, I just...
  6. H

    Drl & Dashboard Lights

    Has anyone retrofitted DRL to a T6 and had problems with the dashboard illumination? Mine keeps going from dull to bright when lights are either off or on sidelights, once on main lights they stop??
  7. T

    Drl Not On When Auto Light Selected?

    Hi, I have a T6 with H4 headlights and when Auto is selected the dipped and side light are lit, not DRL. If I switch to 0 or side lights, the DRL's come on? Reading the user manual, DRL should come on when auto is selected? Appreciate if anyone can advise what I am doing wrong or can try to...
  8. gal2009

    Dash dim with sidelights: Is This Normal?

    Stuck in traffic this morning, trying to get across Tamar bridge to Cornwall. I usually just drive with lights on auto but being bored decided to check out the lights on the reflection of the van in front. Went straight to main beam all good. Then i went to side lights. All good but have only...
  9. 5557F2F6-A01A-464D-9E69-BF7F4F039ABC


    T6 HBA mirror
  10. Stevemcc

    Clock’s Not Lighting Up On Side Lights

    hi all’ looking for a little help . When auto lights selected clock are illuminated When side lights are selected clocks are not illuminated When main lights selected clocks are illuminated Is this normal or do I have a problem I have vcds but no idea where to check any help appreciated Cheers
  11. F

    LED self-levelling help!

    I have the LED lights on my T6. I've not driven much at night but last night drover down to the Alps. I discovered that the self levelling has levelled my lights to somewhere about tree height. Literally, gturning full beam on illuminates the tops of the tress but doesn't change the road...