ats evolution wheels

  1. Fromow

    For Sale 20inch ATS alloys and tyres

    These have just come off my T6 4motion T30 The wheels are about 1-1/2 years old and where ceramic coated when I got them. All in immaculate condition with a slight scratch pictured (done by a tyre fitter). The tyres are 275-40-20 106yYokohama all purchased new at the same time so even wear...
  2. In a state

    19” Ats Evolution - Possible Sale?

    I’ve just refitted my Devonports today for the winter and think I might sell my 19” ATS Evolutions as I fancy a change. Load rated for a T32, 19” x 9”, ET48. I’ve only had them since May this year. They have been ceramic coated (Carbon Collectice Platinium) since new. Only one small mark on...