1. FAC51

    Cool Air Circulation Help

    Whilst the cab area of my T6 benefits from an excellent cool air con circulation system, the same cant be said of the rear. Therefore, Im looking for some sort of after market idea/solution or system to feed cooler circulated air to the rear. Other than simple portable fans that really don't...
  2. SeanyT5

    Suspension Upgrade

    Hi guys, My new Daily workvan has had a overhaul. So firstly i would like to say thank you to those who have given advise etc regarding Air Suspension. There are a lot of options out there and after reading everyones opinions and reviews and my own research i ending up going for the...
  3. ayrton167

    T6 Highline Aired Out Build

    I've recently purchased a T6 highline in white, on 20k miles, my plans are: *air suspension - airlift / intermotiv kit. *wheels unsure 19s or 20s. *soundproof/insulate/carpet *sidebars *bigbrakes - porsche 6 pot *sidewindows *sportline front splitter *rear spoiler *front seats probably lots...