1. S

    Ral / Bs Equivalent To Acapulco Blue

    I am soon to take delivery of an Acapulco Blue T6 and I'm having a roof fitted. Obviously, getting the roof painted Acapulco Blue would be the most sensible thing, but if I went with a solid colour, does anyone know what's the nearest RAL or British Standard colour to Acapulco Blue? And how bad...
  2. 308mate

    Is Anyone Running Bronze Wheels On An Acapulco Blue Van?

    If so, can you put some pics up? I want to see if it works.
  3. bufordtjustice

    Acapulco Blue owners - show me your wheels!!

    Hi Guys Just bought an Acapulco Blue T6 and cant decide on wheels. Show me whats out there please. Liking black and gunmetal so far and sticking to 18s. Cheers Mike