1. JimbobT6

    LED headlight fault [Resolved]

    Hi all, Would anyone have a dummies guide / schematic to the oem LED headlight system? My 69 plate T6 has a developed a fault on the near side dip beam where it comes on for a few seconds and either goes off altogether or comes on and off every couple seconds..! Very annoying for the vehicle I...
  2. E50182AC-778D-41AD-9D2D-DAEA2BDE1644


  3. LambethBoy

    Factory LED Headlight DIY - retrofit list

    Well I read the very long thread about retrofitting factory LEDs and I would just like it simplified please. If I get my paws on a set of genuine leds what else will I need? I'm not bothered about the washers on the bumpers. Is it just headlights, motors and coding? TIA
  4. Gingercoastie

    T6 OEM LED-headlight retrofit

    I had HazzyDayz do the LED upgrade for me last week. Amazing the difference.