1. L

    Kombi seatbelt reinforcement plates

    I've had a look through the forum and can't see this question. Are these the only 'reinforcement' plates needed to fit seat belts to the C pillar of the panel van? Regards Logan
  2. ma77y

    Found Seatbelt top anchor plate

    As title says I am in need of the top anchor plate so I can fit my newly acquired seatbelt. I only need one so if anyone has a spare they want to part with I'll have it. Cheers
  3. Elliott

    My Panel-van to Kombi-van build thread

    so it starts for those of you like me, couldn't stretch the money to buy a kombi but have to kids, so I've brought some seats of evilbay and gone about converting mine to a kombi. Dead easy!! 2-3hours max Little tip for you all, most disabled, taxi converters will sell you all the bits needed...