1. Jason Stancliffe

    Sold Cascavel 17” Wheels And Tyres. £400

    Hi I am selling my wheels after upgrading. These are 4 wheels Tyre size 235/55ZR17/103w extra load Dunlop sport sp sport maxx These wheels have covered 2000 miles from new with approx 5-6 mm of tread. They are from my T6 high line t30 All great condion No marks / dents £400
  2. chris9809

    Sold Cascavel Alloys With Tyres £400

    Hi, I’m selling these 4 wheels with tyres. They came off my 2016 T6 which has done 26k miles. The wheels are in good condition but one has been kerbed a couple of times and is marked. Hopefully shown in the photo. The tyres are Dunlop sport and 2 have around 5mm tread left and the other 2 have...
  3. Ed Webb

    For Sale Cascavel Alloys + tyres £500

    I've decided to sell my Cascavel Alloys after failing to find any info on them and thus no justification to keep them. They came on my van when I purchased it and were used for a year by me. the tyres are all about 3mm. 2x Bridgestone Turanza 235/55R17 103V 2x Falken Ziex ZE914 235/55/R17 103W...