1. K

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) black. £900

    Brand New Genuine VW T6 / T6.1 tailgate four bike carrier refinished in satin black. These have been professionally dismantled, prepped and powder coated before re-assembly using the original type fixings and finally carefully re-packaging in the original box. Suitable for only VW Transporter...
  2. Nacho.Nigel

    Sold VW v1 Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) £450

    Genuine VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack. All 4 bike arms are present with keys, locks, and manual. The original security tool with torque setting for fitting and removal of the rack is also present. Uprated tailgate gas struts included. The rack is in good condition apart from the usual weathering...
  3. D

    OEM (Thule Wanderway) Bike Rack spares

    Hi there. New to the forum and owning a T6. I bought my 66 T6 a few months ago and it came with a Thule Bike rack - a Wanderway I believe (model number 7E0.071.104). I didn't have a need to use it immediately but have since realised that it only has the fourth bike support (the one in two...
  4. T

    Sold Genuine Vw 4 Cycle Rack

    Hi all. I bought this cycle rack direct from VW here in Copenhagen, two weeks before several knee operations stopped me cycling. The rack was on my T6 once, just to offer it up but has never been used. Instead of taking up room in my shed i intend to sell it in the UK. I am driving across next...
  5. P

    bike racks - part numbers

    Hi there, In the shop there are two bike racks VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack 549.99 VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack 524.99, I believe the part number to be 7E0071104 Can anyone confirm the part numbers for both bike racks, as I've found one but I think the seller is trying to sell me the cheaper one...
  6. P

    Bike Rack - powder-coated black

    Hey all, not sure if anyone else has considered this but basically I think the new rack looks a bit cheap and dodgy, however if powder coated it could be improved? Any ideas on the cost of powder coating plus recommended places? Also i'd like a spoiler and would not mind having the rack on...