4 bikes

  1. mlh677

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) £250

    **SOLD** Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack Collection only. Located near Glastonbury, Somerset. Recently bought from another forum member as I needed to transport 4 bikes on a trip with some friends. All 4 bike arms are present with keys & locks - the 4 locks are identical and so only a...
  2. Nomad

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) £350

    NOW SOLD I have my genuine VW rack for T6 with tailgate (Made by Thule) for sale. Located near Bicester, Oxfordshire For health reasons I have had to switch to an e-bike but for those same health reasons I am not able to hoist a bloody heavy e-bike onto the rack! So the e-bike goes in the...
  3. RichDavies82

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) £250

    I have a genuine VW tailgate bike rack for sale. Good, used condition with locks. I can only find three arms (the outer three). There is a broken clip but doesn’t affect the stability. I can take to Camper Jam this weekend if it helps otherwise, collection from Nottingham. Damage and missing arm...
  4. SAF1981

    Sold Tailgate Bike Rack (x4 carriers). £200

    T6 bike carrier £200 I'm selling my genuine T6 bike rack that can carry 4 bikes. The price reflects that two of the arms have seized but can be supplied if you can work your magic with WD40! Also one of the black dial screws has come off the second from bottom rail but has no effect to the rack...
  5. D

    Sold VW v2 Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) £470

    Selling my VW T6, T6.1, Tailgate 4 bike, Bike rack - Version 2. This has only been used once and is only for sale because you cannot fully open the tailgate when the Skyline Aurora pop-top is up. The Bike rack sits proud of the roof/tailgate. The rack was purchased from Vanstyle 28/06/21, and...
  6. S

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) black. £700

    OEM rack recently professionally powder coated matt black. Been used once since (my MTB has really fat tyres which don’t fit the tracks properly!) comes with everything it left the factory with, instructions, wrench tool & spare keys. Stands me around £700 so would like most of my money back...
  7. Daza1977

    Non-OEM Bike Rack tailgate

    Hi guys, I have been looking at the genuine Vw bike carriers for my 2018 T6 tailgate. I was wanting a 4 bike carrier but they are horrendously expensive. Especially as I want the black one............. so at the moment I was going to make do with a Menabo Shadow bike carrier. We can use this as...
  8. Van Buddy

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) + Struts. £450

    Genuine T6 bike rack including uprated 1150 N struts and 3 keys. Slight damage to one buckle, still works. £450.
  9. VDubnewby666

    Sold VW Tailgate bike-rack (4 carrier) £400

    Genuine VW tail gate mounted 4 bike carrier for sale. All bike clamp arms included. £400 - will consider sensible offers.
  10. A

    Which bike rack should I get for 4 cycles?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a towbar attached bike rack for 4 cycles that tilts enough to be able to open the tailgate on a T6 Caravelle.