1. LpeppsT6

    Sold Rolls Royce 462 20” seven-spoke alloy wheels + tyres

    Rolla’s 5 x 120 8.5 front 9 rears et41 225/35/20 front. Need new tyres soon. 235/35/20 rears good tread. Fully colour coded with matching floating centres. Immaculate £2,000 Only selling as van now sold See my other set of 20’s for sale https://www.t6forum.com/threads/bentley-20s.33641/
  2. F

    Sold ABT CR 20 T5/T6 Wheels & Tyres - Reduced!

    As its the January sales :), I've reduced the price to £1100. Hi All, For sale is my set of ABT CR 20 wheels. These have only been used for 6 weeks, but my wife worries about kerbing them. So before that happens here they are! They are as new and have done 600 miles on my T6. They are...