1. Procomp

    16” Alloys With All Terrain Tyres?

    Hi Have a set of 16” T6 alloys in the garage, which I’m thinking about using as my winter wheels, but would like them to look a bit more beefy than standard. I’ve read through a few posts on A/T’s on 17in rims, but not found anything (yet) on 16”s. Has anyone seen anything, they could point me...
  2. alter

    Help with tyre width

    Good evening to all, I would like to know your opinion .. I currently have three sets of tires available..Nokian Wheatherproof, Bf K02 and Continental 200, all in sizes 215 / 65r16..on California documents are also possible 255 / 45r18 tires. .. what tangible improvement would I get in the...
  3. Ads_Essex

    Sold Spare: Goodyear Marathon Cargo 215/65/16

    I no longer need my 16” spare so it’s for sale. In relatively good nick - some rust marks are present. It’s fitted with a new and unused Goodyear Cargo Marathon tyre 215/65/16. This will be ideal if you want to replace one of your tyres, or replace two if you utilise your own spare (I’ve got...
  4. MrTesco

    Stock 16” Tyres Recommendations Please

    Need to be replacing a pair of tyres Currently running what came fitted: Goodyear : 215-65R-16C 104-106 T Got 14500 miles out of current set now at 3mm. Anyone got any recommendations or ones to avoid? Also mine is a 9 setter shuttle but logbook shows T32 but do I need tyres with a high...