1. Keaney

    Sold Judd T311rs 20” With Tyres

    For Sale 20” Judd T311rs freshly powder coated in Matt anthracite. Fronts 9.5J Et45 with Continental 96 235/40 tyres 5mm left Rears 10.5J Et45 with Powertrac 102 255/35 tyres 6mm left Also have a 9J ET40 that the buyer can have as a spare / see if they would prefer 9J on the front in the...
  2. S

    Will These Fit My T6?

    Hi, can anyone help me identify if these will fit my T6 and what tyres id need for them. They are from an Audi R8, 5x120 10J. Not sure if they are load rated. If attached the link for anyone to have a look Thanks in advance Log in to Facebook | Facebook