The T6 Vehicle SSP-561 2016

Self Study Guide

  1. Pauly
    VW Self Study Programme, Document 561 - The T6 2016

    Benchmark in its class
    Pioneer in the segment for more than 60 years
    The totality of all the product characteristics ascribed to the Volkswagen Transporter has made it the epitome of its
    vehicle class, and sets the yardstick in its segment. On this basis, the Transporter achieves a unique level: It
    represents the optimum assistant and partner for commercial and private customers, assisting them in their
    everyday life and in their leisure time in the best possible way. The success story of the Volkswagen Transporter is
    manifested in its ongoing and clear segment leadership.
    With the 6th model release of the Transporter, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is laying the best foundations for
    retaining and expanding the segment leadership in Germany and Europe.
    A central feature of the T6 2016 concerns the introduction of modern, particularly efficient EU6 engines. All units
    are equipped with BlueMotion Technology as standard. Significant consumption and emissions reductions set new
    best values in the segment. A variety of innovative driver assistance and safety systems also supports the driver
    and protects the occupants. Highlights include the automatic cruise control (ACC), front scan system (Front Assist),
    automatic emergency braking (AEB) and dynamic chassis control (DCC). Of course, the new generation is also
    available with 4 wheel drive again (4MOTION).

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